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Italian Games Factory

is the result of a partnership between two different, but complementary companies:

IV Productions

Since the early days of the Italian video game industry, IV Productions has produced PC and console video games for the international market, boasting numerous successes on various platforms, such as Riot: Civil Unrest, Progetto Ustica, Nicholas Eymerich: The Inquisitor.

The company’s consolidated hardware and software experience allows it to focus on more specific genres such as simulation and serious games, organizing courses and seminars on the development of these genres.


A leader in the artistic entertainment Education sector offering unique, specialized Master’s degrees,, ranging from 2D Concept to Full CG Cinematics Production, Video Games and Film Post-production.

The company has 5 offices in Italy (Milan, Turin, Genoa, Bologna and Rome) and a production office in London, all connected by technological, artistic and organizational standards, through which they convey a concept of creative empowerment in an educational and professional continuum that guarantees success.

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